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Divorce Lawyer

I am also a Divorce lawyer. This means that I will take of you while you go through a process as difficult and painful as a Divorce. When two people get divorced the most difficult thing comes when there are children involved. I’m going to make sure all parts ended up in nice terms and that the kids don’t suffer anymore.

I’m perfect for the job because I graduated from law school in the spring of 1986 and immediately returned to Colorado to study for the Colorado Bar. I passed the Colorado Bar in August 1986 and was admitted to practice law in Colorado on November 14, 1986. I was fortunate indeed to have my father as my attorney “mentor.”

I am practicing in my same law office at 3755 South Broadway, Englewood, Colorado. My father and I emphasized a people and family oriented law practice to include legal services such as divorce, family law, father’s rights, post-decree modification, parenting time, paternity, adoption, child support, and modification child support, child custody, misdemeanor and felony criminal law, drinking and driving-related charges, traffic matters, wills, estates, probate, bankruptcy, and personal injury claims.

  Family Lawyer, Legal Services in Englewood, Joe Hartman, Child Custody Attornays Denver Colorado

My father had a distinguished fifty (50)-year career as an attorney. Also, my father taught me to be a good listener and that an attorney should be a “servant of the people.” My goal as an attorney is to achieve the realistic objectives of my clients and to treat my clients as I would expect my clients to treat me if my roles are reversed.

So I’m definitely right for the job. Do not hesitate on contacting me for any type of legal representation and consultation. I put at your disposition my knowledge and vast experience in legal aspects, so you will not be alone in the process.



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