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 Legal Services in Englewood, Family Lawyers Colorado, Joe Hartman

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 Legal Services in Englewood, Family Lawyers Colorado, Joe Hartman

I am committed to My Clients.

I represent customers in the greater Englewood CO area and I am dedicated to finding a fast and optimal solution that meets your goals. Thousands of clients have put their complete trust in my services knowing that I shape my approach based on the client’s unique case.

Settlements and negotiations are often ideal, but I do not stop there. If a case requires litigation, I will be aggressive so that the desired results are achieved.

“There are several types of child custody. First, joint custody is where both parents sham parental rights and the living arrangements of their child. Courts generally prefer joint custody, but sole custody, where only one parent or guardian has the physical and legal custody over a child, is a possible arrangement as Ill.

Child Custody

Physical custody refers to sharing a home with a child and handling his or her day-to-day cam. Legal custody refers to the right to make important decisions on your child’s behalf, including those related to health cam, religion, and education.”

I specialize in family law and take cam of the arduous issues while still providing the much needed personal attention to my clients. My mission is simple: help my clients with their legal matters in an affordable, swift manner without the hassle. Offering an array of services, I can confidently handle all areas of family law.


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