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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Family Attorneys Denver, Englewood Lawyer


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Family Attorneys Denver, Englewood Lawyer

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As many people accrue more debt than they can handle, it is not surprising that we have laws in place to protect those who find themselves financially “stuck.” While not the most ideal option, filing bankruptcy allows individuals to settle excessive debt and have the opportunity to move forward in life and learn from past mistakes. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is sometimes referred to as straight bankruptcy. In the event that you are successful in filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy, all of your debts would be canceled. injury-lawyers-englewoodHowever, property may also be liquidated to repay creditors. The entire process takes four to six months to complete, and typically only requires one trip to the courthouse.
Thinking About Filing for Bankruptcy?
Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is not the right option for everyone. While your debts may be canceled, you put your property in the hands of the court. Hartman Law Offices will take an in-depth look at your financial situation and your assets to determine if this is the best option for you. Contact Hartman Law Offices today at (303)762-1525 to get started assessing your best financial legal options.


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