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Chapter 13 BankruptcyFor most individuals, liquidating assets is not in their interest as the loss of cars, houses, and property could potentially put them in a worse situation. In the case of Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you would use your income to pay back your creditors over time. This period may range anywhere from three to five years. While your debt will not be canceled, you will be able to keep your property as your debt is adjusted on a repayment plan.
Before the process can move forward, a repayment plan must be created and approved by the court. We can help you through this process and ensure that filing for Chapter 13 is the best course of action to take.
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We understand the effect stress in not only dealing with large amounts of debt, but also considering filing for bankruptcy can take on an individual. Take a step in the right direction and get the expert legal advice you need to begin your pathway to financial freedom. Call Hartman Law Offices today at (303)762-1525 to schedule an appointment and discuss your bankruptcy concerns.


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