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People Law Professional Legal Firm Family representation in Colorado is for individuals who will be filing for divorce or legal separation as well as for individuals with legal issues after the dissolution of marriage’s decree has been entered and require assistance with modification of parenting time and/or child support and/or other issues. Englewood Bankruptcy Lawyer. Divorce Lawyers. Child custody lawyer. Denver child custody lawyer, family law attorney Denver Co & Divorce Lawyer Denver, divorce lawyer Denver Co, divorce lawyer

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Lawyer representation also involves individuals that are not married who have separated from their partner and have no children. The Representation for individuals with children who are not married includes Petition for Allocation of Parental Responsibility and Modifications of Parenting Time and Child Support after the underlying court has issued Permanent Orders. Custody Representation


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Bankruptcy, Denver Family lawyer near me

As a Attorneys I can also assist Family individuals with Adoption and Different Matters. Child and Legal Custody, Englewood Bankruptcy

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Family Law in Co

joe-hartman-lawyer-bankruptcyWe are an Family in Colorado Defensor. Family law matters can be very emotional, especially when children are involved. I have been assisting people with family law cases since 1986 primarily in the Colorado metro area. I have also assisted people in countries outside of this area. Denver divorce lawyer

People Law Professional Legal Firm

In my initial consultation with a potential client, it is my desire to be a good listener, to understand the client’s objectives, and to recommend a strategy for achieving the client’s desired results.  In all of my family law cases, I encourage my clients to keep their own hard copy paper family law notebooks.  I make it a habit of hand-delivering and/or forwarding any pleadings I generate on the client’s behalf and/or any pleadings received from any other party and/or their defendant and of course the court.  We all have life experiences with someone who has gone through a family law proceeding in Denver.

I encourage my clients to use their life experiences to assist them in their current law matter.

As a parent and a caring family law attorney, I encourage my clients to focus on first and foremost what is best for their children. Children always have to be the most important for us. Englewood Law.

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If I can assist you with any of your family law concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will help you as fast as I can.
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